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What You'll Learn:  7 best practices you can apply to a women’s contraceptive study that will save time and costs:

  • Product type dictates study design and trial characteristics
  • Time spent developing patient profile prior to trial start saves time later
  • Regulatory requirements influence patient profile and need for monitoring
  • Patient profile guides recruitment and potential retention issues
  • Study protocol compliance ensures data quality

Who Should Watch:  Trial sponsors, clinicians, regulatory experts, and site personnel wanting to learn more about the driving forces behind the need for development of new contraceptive options.

Presented By:

  • Darcy Forman
    Senior Director Project Management, Clinipace Worldwide
    Darcy is a clinical research professional with more than 16 years of pharmaceutical experience in project management and clinical operations. Darcy has global trial experience, including managing trials across the US, EU, Russia, South America, Australia, and South Africa. 

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7 Best Practices to Drive Time and Cost Savings for Women's Contraceptive Clinical Trials

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