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Clinical Events Adjudication in the Digital Age

Clinical Events Committees (CECs) help ensure the endpoint data requiring adjudication in a clinical trial are as accurate and free from bias as possible. However, CECs can add considerable time and cost when implemented traditionally. A technology-enabled platform, as part of an outsourced CEC service, can provide all of the needed data for CEC operations if executed properly.

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  • Benefits of technology-enabled CEC processes

Ron Marks, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer, Director of Biostatistics
After 30 years in University of Florida’s Division of Biostatistics, Ron retired to co-found Clinipace where he now devotes his time to assisting in product design and trial execution. He has been a lead clinical trial consultant with a number of large pharmaceutical companies, including Unilever, Braun, Procter & Gamble and GSK.

Heather Bristol, MS
Vice President of Informatics 
Heather oversees the Data Management and Global Implementation Departments, and drives technological advances of their proprietary software, TEMPO.  Heather has been actively involved in clinical research for 18 years.  

Manejeh Yaqub, MD

CEC Director
Manejeh leveraged her experience as a medical monitor and clinical safety expert to establish the first Clinical Events Committee (CEC) at Clinipace. Prior to joining Clinipace Worldwide, Manejeh served in various medical monitoring positions and other related roles in market-leading biopharma companies, including Medtronic, Abbott Vascular and Elixir Medical.

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